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Blood Coven: The Blood Bound Series, Book 1

Blood Coven: The Blood Bound Series, Book 1

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Blood Coven: The Blood Bound Series, Book 1 by Sabrina Voerman

“There was no breeze that evening, but the trees whispered in the voices of girls…”

Red only dreams of escaping her abusive home in her Silvanian village until a mysterious young woman invites her to join her coven. Just as she begins to seize her autonomy back by way of witchcraft, her devious father decides to sacrifice her to the Wolf–a legendary creature that has haunted their town for over four hundred years. Refusing to be a pawn in her father’s plan, Red uses her newfound strength and takes control of her destiny. Instead of succumbing to her fate, she wields it, and in the process, she unearths the true history of the Wolf, and the man he once was.

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Author Sabrina Voerman

Sabrina Voerman is a West Coaster with a penchant for visiting the numerous cemeteries across Vancouver Island. With a profound love of fairy tales and all things witchy, she draws her inspiration from the nature around her, allowing it to bleed into her storytelling. She is always seeking new adventures and places to explore, either in life or in her writing. When she isn’t traversing all Vancouver Island has to offer, she can be found with a cup of coffee either reading a book or writing one.

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