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Ashen Heart: The Blood Bound Series, Book 2

Ashen Heart: The Blood Bound Series, Book 2

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Ashen Heart: The Blood Bound Series, Book 2 by Sabrina Voerman

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Torenia Luca’s unparalleled beauty is the cause of her family’s hatred for her. She’s ignored by her father, cast aside by her mother, and despised by her sister, Aster. The increasing rivalry between herself and Aster pushes Torenia into the Craft before she is driven out of Silvania for witchcraft. Ten years later she finds herself on the other side of the Mørke Forest in Osleka, a region known for its brutal cold and a mysterious blood cult called The Brotherhood run by Roman and Ivan Sokolov.

Thrown into a world of blood lust, political affairs, and nightwalkers, Torenia finds herself swept up in the Brotherhood, shedding parts of herself that do not serve her and unlocking desires that she had long since hidden. She claws her way up the hierarchy, uncaring of whom she usurps along the way.

“Torenia Luca is the fairest of them all.”

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Author Sabrina Voerman

Sabrina Voerman is a West Coaster with a penchant for visiting the numerous cemeteries across Vancouver Island. With a profound love of fairy tales and all things witchy, she draws her inspiration from the nature around her, allowing it to bleed into her storytelling. She is always seeking new adventures and places to explore, either in life or in her writing. When she isn’t traversing all Vancouver Island has to offer, she can be found with a cup of coffee either reading a book or writing one.

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