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La bruja del hambre (PRE-ORDEN)

La bruja del hambre (PRE-ORDEN)

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La bruja del hambre de Stephen Black

Belfast, 1847. Lo llegarían a llamar Black '47.

Una ciudad al borde del abismo, asolada por la Gran Hambruna que azota la isla de Irlanda. Una ciudad que vive atemorizada mientras un asesino enloquecido acecha las calles por la noche, masacrando a mujeres jóvenes. Lo llaman Manos Sangrientas.

En medio del caos, Maggie Malone, de diecinueve años, y su hermano menor, Jinks, luchan por sobrevivir cada día. Pero lo peor está por venir cuando un barco misterioso llega cojeando al puerto, después de haber emergido milagrosamente de una tormenta salvaje. Un barco que transporta la muerte misma, convocado por una fuerza malévola que ha perseguido la montaña que domina Belfast durante siglos, empeñada en la devastación y la ruina. La llaman La Dama Negra.

Maggie y Jinks se convierten en peones involuntarios mientras Bloody Hands y The Black Lady llevan su antigua enemistad a nuevos niveles de barbarie, amenazando el futuro de Belfast y su desventurada población. ¿Podrá Maggie desbloquear el poder latente dentro de ella y salvar a Belfast de caer al abismo? ¿Podrá transformarse en la salvadora que la gente tanto necesita?

¿Podrá convertirse en La Bruja del Hambre?

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Autor Stephen Negro

Stephen Black es un escritor de terror y fantasía oscura de Irlanda del Norte. Es el autor de la serie más vendida y aclamada por la crítica 'Kirkwood Scott Chronicles'. También ha publicado cuentos por la editorial Quill & Crow en sus antologías 'Grimm & Dread' y 'Haunted', además de la revista literaria en línea 'Crow's Quill'. Stephen está casado y tiene tres hijos. En su tiempo libre... espera, Stephen no tiene tiempo libre.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Took Me On A Ride

So, this book was a feelscoaster of a ride! Lots of heartbreak and furious-making at social injustices, with engaging characters (good or bad).

It's a very riveting book and I can easily see it being made into a movie with how neatly done the descriptions are. I had a lovely time immersing myself in old timey Belfast and wanting to knock the lights out on so many bad guys!

I cheered on the heroes and was happy with the outcome!

charles jones
The Famine Witch

Intriguing historical setting filled with strong characterizations, ,horror, magic & terror. Would love to see a 2047 revisit to Belfast but not enough left unsolved for that to occur, I fear! Highly recommended read, thank you Mr. Black!

Laura-Lee Willert

Thank you for sending the novel to Canada, its a birthday gift for a dear Irish friend, passing the witch to the wet & watery westcoast of Canada 🇨🇦

Lars Hoel
A Dark Historical Fantasy to Remember

Belfast in 1847, it’s safe to say, was not a happy place. It was the worst year of The Great Famine, brought on by a potato blight that destroyed most of Ireland’s staple crop. Hordes of the starving made their way from rural areas into the city, where malnutrition and disease filled hospitals to overflowing.

To that horror, author Stephen Black adds two more: A supernatural creature known as Bloody Hands, who roams the streets of Belfast in search of young women to murder; and The Black Lady, a legendary witch bent on revenge and devastation.

For young Maggie Malone and her little brother Jinks, day-to-day survival is horror enough. With their mother dead from starvation and their father unemployed and drunk, they suffer their own hunger and poverty in a tenement slum whose rest is overdue. But Maggie, it turns out, has a trick or two up her tattered sleeve. She’ll need them, for she must rise above her circumstances, embrace a mysterious heritage, and save Belfast from the twin evils that threaten to destroy it.

All this is very much the stuff of dark historical fantasy. Readers must be prepared for an unrelenting, moody atmosphere punctuated by unpleasant onslaughts of blood and violence. There is even an appendix with a list of trigger warnings, presumably for those unfamiliar with the genre (to which list I would add ‘violence toward animals.’) Those scenes are rendered well, however, and never feel gratuitous.

For those willing to hop aboard, The Famine Witch is a compelling ride through dismal streets coping with death and disease, shrouded by superstition and sinister forces. Many of the people we meet along the way are scoundrels, charlatans and blackguards, although some are able to transcend the terrors of Black ’47 and help Maggie and Jinks on their journey. A few characters, it could be argued, seem to come from Horror Central Casting — an overzealous clergyman, a corpulent doctor — but these are illuminated by backstory and dialogue until they become believable and three-dimensional.

At times the author’s attempts to subsume the reader in the story’s dark atmosphere can feel a bit strained, as for example when one character performs a task “with effortless ease.” But for the most part the writing serves the story, as it should.

Often the true test of a novel’s success or failure is how long its characters linger in the mind of the reader. Maggie and Jinks have a permanent residence now in mine.

Vicky McLain
Another masterpiece by Stephen Black

Stephen takes us on a vivid journey giving us the sights, sounds, and smells of characters wading through the greed and disease of a ravaged Belfast. I couldn’t put the book down.This is another masterpiece of writing by a brilliant author.